Saturday, July 23, 2011


Your look-alike. Everyone has one. Some people have a lot of them. I don't know if I'd really like that my face was so popular.

Famous people often resemble other famous people. And in some cases, a caricature of someone long dead will bring to mind a still-living actor........

And sometimes, our resemblances are geared more toward fiction.......

I think we can all agree that a Doppelganger is not necessarily a flattering term.


  1. Lucy's doppelganger is the sexiest thing to ever live.

    Lola's would just be a massive derp. Care to swap? You can have my crazy terrier and I can have your... "dog."

  2. Nooooooooo thank you ma'am! I just waxed poetic about how much I love this little 'tard in the last post, she's all mine! Also, her medical bills can go way high if she has a bad flare up so you're better off with the Derp.

    BTW- have you noticed that Lola is built like Bea but colored to match Quinn? I think my spayed female dogs somehow gave birth to your puppy and sent her across the Atlantic all....covertly.....

  3. Perhaps the Derp is the better option right now. For now then I will just (lovingly?) (worriedly?) look at photos of Lucy. :)

    I had noticed that! I'm pretty sure this means that somehow Lola needs to meet both Bea and Quinn, sometime. It's basically fate.

  4. Psssssst Erica, there's an award up for you at my blog! :)